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: Rising to the digital content challenge. Sorting the digital content goats from the sheep has become a key consideration in recent times. It's in this context that the Webpublication flipbook app truly comes into its own. It's the simplicity of this online magazine creator that really leaves an impression. On top of its ease-of-use, the extensive suite of operational features available will be much appreciated by all your users. These cover numerous options, ranging from 'send to a friend' to bookmark features. If you're after real interactivity, however, there's nothing like incorporating rich media into your brochures. Here you'll be able to see some great interactive pdf examples, demonstrating what you can do with help from video, sound and other rich media features! Versatility is crucial too, so creating a product flexible enough to be emailed, saved to flash drive or DVD or embedded on a website is a real boon. This solution even boasts an analytical tool providing a window onto your clients' viewing preferences!